Our philosophy

We take the time to create something that is truly worth sharing.

In embracing winemaking and olive growing, we are part of a tradition that stretches back thousands of years to when the soil, sustenance and celebration were all intertwined in humanity’s procession through the seasons. We wanted to capture some of that heritage to enliven the soul of Australian get-togethers – whether a family dinner, a conversation with friends or a special celebration.

It has always been our philosophy to choose grape varieties that work with the local terroir and climate, and to use boutique winemaking techniques to capture the essence of our region. We are not about mass production but about nurturing distinctive wines, olives and olive oils that are a worthy focal point for your special moments. It's a process that takes extra time and care but we believe that's how the soul of wine and food is created. 

By sharing the region’s abundant local food and wine through our events and catering, we reinvent timeless pleasures in contemporary ways. 

“We create authentic food and wine experiences to share our passion with the world.”